Women's Lacrosse Hosting Cycle for Survival Event

Women's Lacrosse Hosting Cycle for Survival Event

Click Here to Visit the Sacred Heart Women's Lacrosse Cycle for Survival Team Page

The Sacred Heart women's lacrosse team will be hosting a Cycle for Survival satellite event on Sunday, February 12, 2012 in Donovan Hall to help raise funds for pioneering research into rare cancers at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  The Pioeners will be the first college/university in Connecticut to host a Cycle for Survival campaign.

Sacred Heart's goal is to raise $3,000 by February 12, 2012. Donations to our campaign can be made by visting their official team page on the Cycle for Survival web page.

"This is a great way to kick-off our season, and brings the team together for a wonderful and important cause," stated assistant coach Julia Steir.  "We have a genuine and caring team, and to have a direct impact on something that will help untold numbers of people is very humbling."

The Cycle for Survival event is to help fund the pioneering research Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center does to treat rare cancers, and perpetuate the hope it brings to countless families and patients.

More than 50% of people diagnosed with cancer are diagnosed with a rare form of the disease. Rare cancer research is surprisingly under funded, which means that there are significantly less treatment options for those who are diagnosed. With Cycle for Survival, 100% of the money raised goes directly to research and treatments for those who suffer from these rare cancers. Memorial Sloan-Kettering has an unrivaled reputation for bringing patients innovative treatments, which in turn brings hope to countless patients and families. Just to give you an idea, it used to take 5 or more years to get some of these treatments and therapies to patient's bedsides, and now with direct funding from programs like Cycle for Survival, it's been reduced in some cases 18 months or less. Since Cycle for Survival's conception in 2007, the funds raised have been a direct catalyst in fueling 25 clinical trials and research studies.