Women's Fencing Earns Two Wins At Traditions Tournament

Ashley Cherry won 10 bouts at the 2018 Traditions.
Ashley Cherry won 10 bouts at the 2018 Traditions.

The Sacred Heart University women's fencing team went 2-4 at the 2018 Traditions Tournament, hosted at the Pitt Center on Sunday.

The Pioneers Epee squad earned 25 points in its six matches, including a 9-0 mark in the win over NYU.

The Pioneers travel to Penn on January 19, 2019 for its next competition.

Bout Results

  • Princeton 19, SHU 8
  • SHU 16, Vassar 11
  • Harvard 23, SHU 4
  • SHU 20, NYU 7
  • Penn State 21, SHU 6
  • Temple 24, SHU 3

Princeton Bout

Vassar Bout

Harvard Bout

  • The Epee unit scored three points for the Pioneers
  • Each member of the Epee group earned a win against the Crimson

NYU Bout

  • In the win over NYU, SHU swept Epee, earned seven points in Saber and four in Foil
  • Seven Pioneers had winning records in the victory
  • Abbott and Cherry were 3-0 for the second consecutive bout in Sabre, and Daria Rudakova also won three times in the win
  • Petrides was 3-0 for SHU in Foil and Amanda Fischer was perfect in Sabre

Penn State Bout

  • The Epee unit led the Pioneers with three victories
  • Rudakova was the Pioneers top winner, with two victories in Foil

Temple Bout

  • All three Pioneers points came from the Epee group
  • Cherry picked up two victories 

Individual Numbers

  • Amanda Fischer led the Pioneers with an 11-7 bout record
  • Cherry led the way in Epee, with a 10-8 mark, as all three in that weapon earned at least seven wins
  • Austin and O'Shaughnessy both earned six wins on Sunday