Men's and Women's Track & Field Earns Seven Team Wins at BU Quad Meet

Men's and Women's Track & Field Earns Seven Team Wins at BU Quad Meet

(Boston, MA) – The Sacred Heart Men's and Women's Track & Field teams participated in the Boston University Quad Meet Thursday evening, taking on BU, Boston College, UMass-Lowell, and Colgate.

The Pioneer men swept the competition, beating BU 89-80, BC 89-55, Colgate 89-30, and UMass-Lowell 89-80.  The women's team beat BC 82-81, Colgate 82-26, and UMass-Lowell 82-46, but lost to BU 109-82.

Below is a list of all Pioneers who earned points for the team in their events.

Men 60 Meter Dash
Jeremy Rosado                      7.03s               7
Paul Olivia                              7.43s               1


Men 500 Meter Dash:
Warner Cooley                      1:09.02           3

Men 60 Meter Hurdles:
Drayke Jackson                     9.10s               4
Thomas Ford                         9.19s               3

Men 4x400 Meter Relay:
Warner Cooley, Nicholas Arena, Patrick Peterson, Eric Hernandez       3:29.61s      4

Men High Jump:
Drayke Jackson                     1.95M             3

Men Pole Vault:
Scott Polis                            4.40M             7
Tyler Duhamel                      3.95M             2


Mens Long Jump:
Brandon Hutchinson             6.59M             4
Gregory Diaz                        6.28M             1

Men Triple Jump:
Brandon Hutchinson            13.33M           5

Men Shot Put:
Philip Miccio              14.38M           7
Chase Pertucci          14.03M           5

Men Weight Throw:
Christopher Mahl      15.79M                       7
Marc Troiani              15.40M                       5

Men 1 Mile Run:
Christopher Connelly           4:15.55s         2

Men 800 Meter Run:
Christopher Connelly           1:59.79s         1

Men 1000 Meter Run:
Patrick Peterson                    2:25.65s         7
Nicholas Arena                      2:32.33s         1

Men 3000 Meter Run:
Jeffrey Lusigann                    8:23.61s         4
Richard Marcello                   8:51.27s         2

Women 60 Meter Dash:
Ashia Wright                          7.85s               5

Women 400 Meter Dash:
Nicolette Sands                      59.19s             3

Women 500 Meter Dash:
Sarah Bell                               1:20.18s         7
Shay Cronin                           1:23.63s         2

Women 1 Mile Run:
Brittany Lane                         4:59.06           1

Women 1000 Meter Run:
Brittany Lloblel                     2:59.01           4
Catherine Westby                 3:01.79           2

Women 1000 Meter Run:
Brianna Castrogivanni          10:18.4           3
Alyssa Selmquist                   10:27.0           1

Women 60 Meter Hurdle:
Sarah Bell                               9.13                 3

Women High Jump:
Sarah Wallis                           1.55M             3
Sarah Bell                               1.45M             2

Women Pole Vault:
Sarah Wallis                           2.60M             4

Women Long Jump:
Ashley Matakevich                5.52M             5
Joselyn Henry                       5.21M             4

Women Triple Jump:
Ashley Matakevich                11.50M           7
Dylan Baker                           10.02M           4

Women Shot Put:
Lindsay Aponte                     13.81M           7
Athalia Smith                         12.80M           3

Women Weight Throw:
Athalia Smith                         18.29M           7
Chantaul Smith                      16.35M           5

Men 60 Meter Dash
Jeremy Rosado