Hunt Seat Named High Point Team At UCONN Showing

Hunt Seat Named High Point Team At UCONN Showing

MANSFIELD, Conn.- The Sacred Heart University Equestrian Hunt Seat Squad was named the High Point team of UCONN's show this morning. The team tallied 38 points in the victory while Gabi Sorrentino and Cariann Johnson on qualified for Hunt Seat Regionals in Open Fences and Johnson also qualified in Open Flat. Also, Cariann Johnson was named the High Point Rider and Ellie Palmier was named Team MVP.



Open Fences Section A: Gabi Sorrentino 1st place

Open Fences Section B: Cariann Johnson and Emery Smith placed 1st and 5th


Intermediate Fences Section A: Annie Bergere and Gina Gramarossa placed 2nd and 4th  

Intermediate Fences Section B: Michaela Fritsch placed 5th


Novice Fences Section A: Ellie Palmier placed 1st

Novice Fences Section C: Danielle DeRisio did not place

Novice Fences Section D: Alyssa Kinney placed 2nd


Alumni Flat: Adrianna Dattoli placed 2nd


Walk Trot: Becca Dion placed 3rd


Beginner Walk Trot Canter: Emily Scrobe placed 6th


Novice Flat Section A: Ellie Palmier placed 1st

Novice Flat Section B: Annie Bergere placed 5th

Novice Flat Section E: Alyssa Kinney placed 5th


Intermediate Flat Section B: Gabi Sorrentino and Gina Gramarossa placd 4th and 6th


Open Flat Section A: Cariann Johnson placed 1st

Open Flat Section B: Danielle DeRisio placed 4th

Open Flat Section C: Emery Smith placed 3rd


Team Scores:

SHU - 38

UCONN - 34

Trinity - 26

Fairfield - 24

Connecticut College - 22

U Hart - 19

Wesleyan - 14

CCSU - 11



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