Hunt Seat Claims High Point Team With 43 Points at Home Show

Hunt Seat Claims High Point Team With 43 Points at Home Show

SIMSBURY, Conn.- The Sacred Heart University Equestrian Hunt Seat concluded its show at home this afternoon. The Pioneers were named the High Point team tallying a total of 43 points just one point ahead of Trinity. The team returns to action on November 4 when Hunt Seat will compete at Trinity while the Western squad will compete at UCONN.




Open Fences Section A: Cariann Johnson and Brigitta Shepard placed 1st and 2nd

Open Fences Section B: Gabi Sorrentino and Emery Smith placed 1st and 4th


Intermediate Fences Section A: Gina Gramarossa and Carly Julius placed 5th and 7th

Intermediate Fences Section B: Annie Bergere placed 1st


Novice Fences Section A: Michaela Fritsch placed 5th

Novice Fences Section B: Lea Mascola and Alyssa Kinney placed 1st and 2nd


Cross Rails Section A: Michelle Johnson placed 6th

Cross Rails Section B: Valerie Stein and Victoria Caputo placed 1st and 7th


Alumni Flat: Adrianna Dattoli placed 1st


Walk Trot Flat: Rebecca Dion placed 1st


Advanced Walk Trot Canter Flat: Olivia Zwernemann placed 2nd


Novice Flat Section A: Victoria Caputo and Gina Gramarossa placed 2nd and 3rd

Novice Flat Section B: Michelle Johnson placed 5th

Novice Flat Section C: Gabi Sorrentino placed 1st


Intermediate Flat Section A: Brigitta Shepard placed 4th

Intermediate Flat Section B: Emery Smith placed 2nd


Open Flat Section A: Cariann Johnson placed 4th

Open Flat Section B: Megan Griffin placed 2nd


SHU was the High Point Team with 43 points. Trinity was Reserve with 42 followed by UCONN 26, Fairfield 25, Connecticut College & Yale 17, Wesleyan 13, CCSU 8.


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