Hunt Seat Competes At Trinity College Meet

Hunt Seat Competes At Trinity College Meet

Hartford, CT.- Sacred Heart Equestrian Hunt Seat finished fourth at Trinity College meet behind, High Point Team UConn, Reserve High Point Team, Connecticut College, and Fairfield University in third.


Walk Trot - Emily Scrobe 3rd place

Walk, Trot, Canter 2BB - Cecelia Mathon 4th place

Walk, Trot, Canter 2BA - Kassandra Bayles 5th place

Novice Flat 3B - Lea Mascola 5th place

Novice Flat 3A - Nicolette Endres and Isabel Rodriguez place 2nd and 5th

Intermediate Flat 5A - Devon Conley 4th place

Open Flat 7C - Olivia Marlow 2nd place

Open Flat 7B - Lauren Mahoney does not place

Open Flat 7A - Cariann Johnson 4th place

Novice Fences 4B - Isabel Rodriguez 3rd place

Novice Fences 4A - Anne Bergere and Emery Smith 2nd and 4th place

Intermediate Fences 6B - Gabriella Sorrentino 3rd place

Intermediate Fences 6A - Nicolette Endres 3rd place

Open Fences 8B - Cariann Johnson 3rd place

Open Fences 8A - Devon Conley 3rd place

SHU is back in action Saturday October 21. at Connectcut College at 9 am.