Emily Scrobe
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Chester, NY
High School: Chester Academy

Personal: Major: Biology... Parent's Names: Chris & Bridget... Siblings: Brianne 30, Ciara 25, Christianna 17, Victoria 16... Have any family members attended Sacred Heart: Ciara, sister, 2014...Do you have family members that play, or played, collegiate sports? Brianne, sister, Dominican College, Soccer, 2007... High School sports played: Soccer, Softball... What are your plans for after graduation from SHU? attend either PA school or med school... Who is your role model and why? Michelle Dawson, the owner of my yoga studio. She is strong in all aspects, mentally, spiritually and physically! She's a kind human who always has some wise words about life!... If you could have dinner with any three people, living or deceased, who would they be, and why? Marilyn Monroe - simply because I completely adore here, JFK - because everything about him has always fascinated me, John Lennon - because I love the Beatles and I feel like he would have some cool things to say about love and life... What is your favorite sport team? Dallas Cowboys... What is your favorite movie? Tangled... What is your favorite television show? Greys Anatomy... Favorite Food? Cheese