Emma Antignani
Emma Antignani
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Bethany, CT
High School: Woodbridge

Personal: Major: Accounting... Parent's Names: Greg & Judy Antignani... Have any family members attended Sacred Heart: Greg Antignani 1983, Judy Antignani 2012... High School Sports Played: Lacrosse 2 years, Field Hockey 4 years 2 years varsity... What are your plans for after graduation from SHU? Accountant... Who is your role model and why? Fallon Taylor because she is a model of inspiration, determination, and never giving up on your dreams.
“A throwback to Babyflos first day in the roundpen! When I had to borrow a truck and trailer to get to rodeos…had to win $$ to be able to enter the next one….here’s to making it out the other side and lifting you up! As I’m sitting in the hair salon enjoying a little pampering….I’m sharing…why??….because when you’re in the middle of the struggle…you cant ever see yourself able to enjoy these little things. In this case I was in the roundpen with a horse that kept bucking me off in 110 degree heat….you may think it’ll never get better…you’ll never achieve your goals….STOP LYING TO YOURSELF…..you can and will make it….in fact…YOU HAVE TO MAKE IT….you want nicer things…you want to wake up without so many worries….you want independence confidence and success…..YOU CAN HAVE IT! No one wanted to take a chance on endorsing me….no one thought this little red mare was big enough to win…or I was talented enough to train her….I want to share my success with you. Let me be your tour guide…it won’t be easy…you will cry…you will give up several times….YOU WILL CONQUER & SUCCEED! I’m here for you because you were here for my struggles! Go get it guys!!! Come on!!” - Fallon Taylor... If you could have dinner with any three people, living or deceased, who would they be, and why? George Boiardi, Derek Jeter, and Abraham Lincoln... What is your favorite sport team? New York Yankees... Favorite Music? Country