Women's Rowing Hosts First Event of 2010

Women's Rowing Hosts First Event of 2010

March 29, 2010

SHELTON, CT - The Sacred Heart women's rowing team hosted its first event of the spring season on Saturday, welcomed six schools with both men's and women's teams and over 200 athletes to Shelton. Head coach Michael Kerner was pleased that several of the Pioneer teams fared well.

The women's varsity 8 rallied in the petite final to beat Iona who had beat them in the morning's heat. The freshman women's 8, with seven rowers and a coxswain who had never competed before, found them selves in a barn burner of a race and learned a great deal about racing hard through a 2000-meter event.

The Pioneers also honored the three team seniors after the race, Marybeth Reusche, Merideth Penta and Nicole Settembrino.

"We were excited to host such a large regatta for the 2nd annual Sacred Heart Invitational," Kerner said. "We have made a lot of progress and look forward to more tough racing in the weeks to come and will see many of these schools again at the MAAC championships on April 18."

Here are the complete results:

Varsity 8+ Cox: Kaitlin Rivest 8: Nicole Settembrino 7: Jen Pampillonio 6: Devon Clark 5: May Beth Reusche 4: Carolyn Holland 3: Beth Cho 2: Lynn Ciccarelli 1: Danielle French
Novice / 3V 8+ Cox: Heather Torrey 8: Meredith Penta 7: Caroline Klimm 6: Danielle Palamaccio 5: Sarah Prizzia 4: Lindsey New 3: Alanna Cofrancesco 2: Kristen Brozek 1: KiKi Zambelli
Men's Racing
MV8+ - Heat: Army 6:53.5 Fordham 7:01.8 Iona 7:08.5 Fordham B 7:23.0 Skidmore 8:21.3
MN8+ / 3V8+: Army 7:47.5 Fairfield 8:23.0
MV4+: Army A 8:20.4 Army B 8:38.3 Skidmore A 8:58.6 Skidmore B 9:00.1
MV8+: Fordham A 6:40.8 Army 6:49.7 Iona 6:58.3 Fordham B 7:16.6 Skidmore 7:36.1
WV8+ - Petite Final: SHU 8:40.8 Iona 8:44.0
Women's Racing WV8+ - Heat 1: Drake 8:29.6 Fairfield 8:38.6 Iona 8:52.3 SHU 9:01.3
WV8+ - Heat 2: Fordham 8:12.0 Army 8:19.5 Skidmore 8:20.6
WN8+/ 3V8+ (MAAC): Fairfield 9:31.0 Iona 9:41.1 SHU 9:43.8
WN8+: Fordham 9:05.1 Skidmore 10:12.5
W2V8+: Fordham 8:27.3 Skidmore 8:52.3 Fairfield 9:01.8 Iona 9:14.9
WV8+ - Grand Final: Fordham 8:08.4 Skidmore 8:13.8 Drake 8:23.0 Fairfield 8:24.5 Army 8:27.6