Jayme Smith and CJ McCarter are Named to All-Pioneer Team at Senior and Scholar Athlete Awards Gala

FAIRFIELD, Conn. - Senior team captain Jayme Smith and freshman standout CJ McCarter were named to the All-Pioneer Team at the 2013 Senior and Scholar Athlete Awards Gala on Sunday evening.  In addition to this honor, Smith was inducted into the C. Donald Cook Scholar Athlete Society along with Colleen Mason

Lauren Cebello was a recipient of the Coca-Cola Community All-Americans Award  which recognizes outstanding community service in college athletics.  Next season's team captain Tess Kallmeyer received the Coach's Award for Excellence.

"We are very proud of the recognition that our fencers received at the Gala this evening", comments head coach Dr. Thomas Vrabel.  "The recognition received by fencers at the Gala, the championship rings and banners received in recognition of our Men's NFC championships and the creation of our new Fencing Suite in the Pitt Athletic Center show the level of commitment and support that Sacred Heart Athletics has for Fencing.  I know that the team will work even harder next season to achieve its goal of winning the NFC title".