St. Francis PA. vs. Sacred Heart Quotes

St. Francis PA. vs. Sacred Heart Quotes

Dec. 9, 2006

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St. Francis PA. vs. Sacred Heart Quotes

Kerri Burke:

On today's 85-61 win: "We were excited because NEC games are all important and it was good we came out on fire."

On returning from her back injury: "I was really excited because I missed the last two weeks and it was good to come out in the zone. I had a trampoline on the sidelines when I wasn't playing because if I stopped moving, it would tighten and I'd be done."

On Amanda Pape's big performance: "She's unbelievable. Offensively and defensively she's everywhere. She had her ups and downs so far and thank God it happened in the beginning of the year."

Amanda Pape:

On today's conference victory: "We are all excited because it's the first league game. We've all been working very hard in practice and coach always says that you play like you practice.

Looking back to previous games: "In the beginning of the season, if I missed a shot, I'd put my head down. Since then, I have changed my attitude and I try to make other things happen. We're all still getting used to playing with each other."

On Kerri Burke's return: "I'm so happy for her because today, she made a statement like, `I'm back' and it's good to see her play well too because I know she's still playing with some pain."

Head Coach Ed Swanson:

On today's win: "I thought today was a great team effort and with great energy, the team gutted it out."

On Kerri Burke: "We didn't really know what we were going to get from Kerri today, but she's our general and I saw her energy kick up. It was nice to see her back on the floor."

On Amanda Pape: "She was outstanding today, and it's good to see her back to her old form. I'm just upset she only got four rebounds," he joked.