Sacred Heart vs. Central Connecticut Post Game Quotes

Sacred Heart vs. Central Connecticut Post Game Quotes

March 2, 2008

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Sacred Heart vs. Central Connecticut Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Ed Swanson

"We came out and played angry, and with a football players mentality in regards to only getting to play once in a week. I thought we came out aggressively on both fronts, offensively and defensively. I thought we rebounded the ball better but we had a few mental lapses in the game."

"Central is an ever improving team and they never quit, they had some fight left in them and with our mental lapses they were able to make it a better ball game in the second half. Overall we are 19-9 and 14-3 and were at a place where a lot of people didn't think we would be."

"We have to play better minutes; its one thing to get players minutes but it's what you do with those minutes. We had players that were productive with their minutes and some players who weren't. We've been trying to develop our bench all year and we've had our ups and down but it's good to get everybody in the game."

" I think that playing an iron five and a little bit off the bench has helped with our chemistry and play. Some people look at not being that deep as a detriment but I think that is what gives us an edge. I also think the pre-season procrastinators; it made us play with a chip on our shoulders."

"We wanted to prove to a lot of people that we were a program and not just Amanda, Jasmine, and Kerri and that the players behind them were waiting in the wings to be stars. Khalia Cain and Kaitlin Sowinski had their time to emerge as big time, full time players. Two freshmen's have come in and not played like freshmen at all. Kaitlin has come in and become a first team all league player."

"We've got to play 40 minutes of focus basketball with high intensity because that's what Robert Morris is going to bring, Robert Morris on paper are a more talented team than us so they have a little margin for error. We play real close to the line and we have to play good solid basketball on both sides of the floor. On top of that we have to make shots, so that's what it's going to take, its going to be a hardcore game."

Junior Stephanie Ryan

"Our team had a week to rest before this game and we came out with a lot more energy and we kind of just wanted to get our frustrations out."

"Robert Morris is a huge game but all week long we've focusing on this one, obviously because it comes first but now we can look forward to Robert Morris."

"Our offense was moving well so a couple of times on the reversals I was open and able to knock down the jumpers."