Sacred Heart vs. Saint Francis (PA) Post Game Quotes

Sacred Heart vs. Saint Francis (PA) Post Game Quotes

Feb. 23, 2008

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Sacred Heart vs. Saint Francis (PA) Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Ed Swanson

"I thought we got a little sloppy but I was really happy with the way the game started off. I don't think you particularly have to play well or play perfect basketball but the energy level and the focus level has got to be there and that is something I was happy with today."

"Last game where we played pretty much 8 people against Monmouth, and we had a couple people with sprained ankles, so we are not trying to pound too much on them. So any time you can grab a couple of minutes of rest it's good for your team."

"We are looking to develop our bench even this late in the year. We're still trying to find some answers on the bench."

"I don't know if any game is necessarily called a tune up. We have Wagner on Monday night who is scratching and clawing their way into a playoff situation. We have the luxury of already being in the NEC playoffs, however we can't get comfortable. Each game is a different entity in itself and we've got to make sure we maintain our energy level, our focus, stay healthy and continue to get better."

Junior Stephanie Ryan

"Our bench came in and played pretty well they produced for us and that will go a long way come playoff time."

"We were able to work on a lot of things especially some of our weaknesses, and fine tune our team for important stretches."

Junior Khalia Cain

"I think we came out intense our defense was really energetic from the beginning and I think from the tip off Stephanie just took over and we all followed."

"My teammates do a good job of helping me out. Especially when a girl like Hodges who's getting all these ball screens set for her, she's a pretty good player and my teammates did a good job of helping and recovering."