Sacred Heart vs. Quinnipiac Post Game Quotes

Sacred Heart vs. Quinnipiac Post Game Quotes

Feb. 21, 2007

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Sacred Heart vs. Quinnipiac Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Ed Swanson

On the four seniors honored tonight: "Seeing them leave isn't fun but we'll just deal with that at a later time. This group has an 83-32 record in their careers, but the record isn't important. It's the perseverance that they showed during their times here and I had a little tear watching them come out earlier."

"It's great to watch them grow. You spend seven months out of the year together and you spend so much time together and you talk with each other everyday. I think it hits you the following year though. Next year at the first practice, I'll wonder where Jasmine [Walker] is or when Amanda [Pape] is going to pull down a rebound. Jasmine's not here, Amanda's not here, Kerri's not here, and Mary's not here. Those four girls made me look good they made each other look good. They covered my mistakes and covered each other's mistakes."

"On and off the court and in the class room, I can't say enough about them. They say when you go to the beach there's the footprints left. These girls left a footprint here and I'm sure 20 years from now, you can come back and that footprint will still be there."

On today's performance: "We came out on fire tonight, and I knew we'd continue that when I saw how Jasmine was on the offensive glass. Next week against Quinnipiac will be a dogfight though. They are very talented and make adjustments well."

On Kerri Burke's perseverance: "She is the blood and guts of our team. I hope we are able to contend for an NEC championship, but when she battled to play with a torn ACL, that's all I need for this year."

Senior Guard Kerri Burke

On being honored tonight: "It's great. I didn't expect the crowd we got tonight but it was real nice. You look back and see all the games here and all the things you've done and just to think we might have maybe three or four if we lose, it gives you the image it's almost over."

Senior Guard Amanda Pape

On being honored tonight: "I have mixed feelings. You're sad but you're excited because it's a game. I think I'm just overwhelmed with everything. Everybody says college goes so much faster than high school and I didn't believe them. Now I do."

Senior Forward Jasmine Walker

On being honored tonight: "We all were like, `it's senior night and we aren't losing.' It brought back a lot of memories. Wow, where'd it go?"

Senior guard Mary Rush

On being honored tonight: "I think it was more overwhelming and exciting. There have been lots of good memories. But for the season and playoffs, were just going to keep trying and we know we control our own destiny."