Former Pioneer Kirill Kasyanov Pursuing Professional Tennis Dream

Kirill Kasyanov
Kirill Kasyanov

FAIRFIELD, Conn - Two-time Northeast Conference Player of the Year Kirill Kasyanov (Eastchester, NY) recently finished a successful run on the ATP Professional Tennis Tour. Kasyanov, class of 2011, played number one singles for four years at Sacred Heart, recording 100 singles wins. Kasyanov led the Pioneers to two NCAA appearances (2009, 2011) against Virginia and Texas.

Following his graduation from SHU, Kasyanov continued his tennis career in the United States and Overseas. Kasyanov achieved a career-high professional singles rank of 75 in the United States and 1,109 in the world in 2013.  In doubles, Kasyanov achieved a ranking of 90 in the United States and 1,327 in the world.  Along the way he has defeated Arkadiusz Kocyla, a top ten player in Poland, and the top-ranked player from the Dominican Republic, Jose Hernandez. The New York Native also had match points against the 2nd ranked player from Mexico, Miguel Reyes-Varela.

In addition to playing pro tournaments in the United States, his professional career has bought him to locations all over the world. Kasyanov has played tournaments in Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Turkey, Canada and Israel.

"Kirill's accomplishments on the pro tour are extraordinary. His success is a testament to his talent, hard work and desire.  To achieve a professional ranking of 75 in the United States and record wins against top players from around the world make me very proud as a coach. He is truly a special player," said Head Coach Paul Gagliardi.