Sacred Heart vs. Albany - Post Game Quotes

Sacred Heart vs. Albany - Post Game Quotes

Oct. 20, 2008

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Sacred Heart vs. Albany - Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Paul Gorham

"The offensive line absolutely wore us down and they were just large. Put it this way I was happy every time they dropped back to pass. They are very good, they have their system, they recruit for it, and they run it effectively."

"#3 (McCarty) is an exceptional running back and their linemen go toe to toe and blot out the sun. I watched them against New Hampshire, Delaware, Hofstra, and UMASS and it's not we are any different. I watched them run like that against everybody."

"They seal off the edge and we are not huge upfront and it doesn't matter how big you are because you are not going to be as big as they are. They had the kid that was 6'7 330 and the rest of line was pretty big.

"I just talked to the guys about bouncing back against Duquesne. Now we will find out if we are any good or not. It's easy to bounce back when you win 6 games in a row. We haven't had a lot of adversity so far this year."

"This team has been different from the get go but its stuff like this that will let you know if your different or not. So I think we will bounce back next week."

"I told the guys at halftime that we aren't going to win in an hour. We have to play for 3 hours because we aren't going to run them out of the gym."

Senior Safety Steve Young

"The option was something that they just brought out today, but regardless of what play is in front of you everybody has a responsibility so we just have to get to the ball."

"I really think that this week was an excellent week of practice for both the offense and the defense. I just feel like we practice to our opponent. Albany was the NEC champs from last season and we want to be the champs this year. So the way we practiced hard for Albany we should practice the same way for Duquesne."

Junior Wide Receiver Steve Tedesco

"We knew Albany was a great team but we felt they were a team we could play with. We feel like we definitely missed an opportunity today."

"Losing two of our guys on offense (Garry Coles and Jared Kemp) effected us a little bit but we have a deep receiving core and we have guys that can step in for whoever goes down."

"I feel like the last touchdown I scored gave us a lot of momentum and we felt like we could win. But we left it all out on the field today and we have to come back tomorrow, bounce back and get back to work."