Week 8 - Sacred Heart vs. Marist Post Game Quotes

Week 8 - Sacred Heart vs. Marist Post Game Quotes

Oct. 20, 2007

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Week 8 - Sacred Heart vs. Marist Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Paul Gorham

On the Offense in Today's Win: "Even if you have confidence that your good, you have to get results. Even though we did some good things the last few weeks, the games have gotten away from us. Today, getting out in front we were able to dictate."

On the Halfback Pass for a TD: "Typically with team's that play a lot of man-coverage, they account for all eligibles but not the quarterback so we worked on it all week."

On Jason Payne's Performance: "I told the coaches we have to get it to him at least 25 times today. My mindset was I have to get him the ball. He allowed us to keep their offense off the field."

On the Running Game: "We used Evin Jones and Jason Payne well today and we used Brian (Friedman) in the mix as well. We were judicious with keeping Jason fresh."

Sophomore Running Back Brian Friedman

On Trick Play Touchdown Pass to Dale Fink: "It felt pretty good, but I've never done that before. I didn't see him catch it because I got hit but then I saw everyone in the end zone."

Senior running back Jason Payne

On his Career Day Rushing: "Every time I looked up I saw blocks and I was able to create a lot when I was given the ball."

"It gives me a lot of confidence to know that the team and coach believe in me and want me to take over the game."

Freshman Quarterback Dale Fink

On his Touchdown Catch: "It felt awkward, I'm not going to lie. I wasn't unusual to be in the end zone watching the ball. It was a good feeling though."

On his Wide Receivers as Weapons: "Nothing against other defenses, but if you get Bundy and Tedesco on the line, it's hard to guard them."