Post Game Quotes from Saturday's Loss to Albany

Oct. 14, 2006

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FAIRFIELD, CT - Coach Quotables - Here is what head coach Paul Gorham had to say about today's game:

On Albany's rushing defense.... "They maintain discipline, block and they stick with it. You have to give them credit."

On Pioneers offensive performance.... "Today the offense was significantly better, but it's no where near where it needs to be. It's impossible to use last week [a 24-0 loss to Monmouth] as a measuring stick. Also, if you want to beat a team like [Albany], you better make plays."

On the blocked extra point after a Pioneer touchdown.... "That got us back into it, but it turned a positive thing into a negative thing and it changes the complexion of the game."

Tyler's Tales - Here is what QB Tyler Arciaga had to say about today's game:

On Albany's defense.... "You have to give a ton of credit to their defense and having a scheme that countered ours."

On team's running game which was out-dueled 300 yards to 14.... "I think the situation dictates what we can and cannot do. We were down two touchdowns, and with the way the college clock runs, you are forced to pass instead of run in most cases, so it's not that it's the play calling, it is just the situation."