SHU Cheerleaders Cheer on Participants in Liver Life Walk

Hartford, Conn.--The Sacred Heart University Cheerleading Squad attended the Liver Life Walk Hartford at UCONN's Rentschler Field on Sunday, September 23rd, 2012. The team has participated in the walk for several years, cheering on the sides of the finish line to motivate the various groups in the walk. They continue to cheer the runners on through the final laps and congratulate them when they complete the walk. 

"The girls truly enjoy being a part of this event to support the cause," said Head Coach Deborah Holt. 

Before the walk, a few of the girls had the opportunity to meet a girl named "Dlnamic Diane" who is suffering from Biliary Atresia, a rare type of liver disease. As her group was presented, the SHU Cheerleaders couldn't help but notice her dancing around on stage and welcomed her over to join them. Her uplifting energy and positivity inspired the team, and they were happy to form a bond and relationship with her. Together, the cheerleaders and Diane truly made a "dynamitic duo."