Current Student-Athlete's Role in Recruiting

You may be asked to assist in the recruiting process of prospective student-athletes. Rules that apply to your participation in recruitment include:


  • You may not make a recruiting "pitch" for Sacred Heart University.
  • You may not talk one-on-one with any student who is in grades 9-12, other than casual, civil conversations not involving recruitment.
  • You may not comment publicly about any prospective student-athlete that Sacred Heart University is recruiting.
  • You may, however, serve as a student host for a recruit that is on an official visit as long as you abide by the rules regarding student hosts.
  • A student host may only provide entertainment to a prospect within a 30-mile radius of the university.
  • A student host may be provided a maximum of $30 for each day of a prospect's official visit to cover the actual costs of entertaining the prospect.
  • A student host may be provided with an additional $15 per day for each additional prospect he/she entertains.
  • A student host may be provided a complimentary admission to accompany a prospect to a campus event.
  • Several students may host a prospect, but the institution may only provide one student entertainment money. The other student hosts shall pay for their own entertainment and meals.
  • Sacred Heart University, coach, or any booster may not provide a car for use by a prospect or student host.
  • Meals may not exceed three per day.
  • One meal may be held for a prospect on an official visit at the home of the sport's head coach.
  • Entertainment on an official visit is limited to the prospect, the prospect's parents (or legal guardian), or the prospect's spouse.
  • Any further questions can be directed toward your coach or to the Director of Compliance.