NCAA Special Assistance Fund

The NCAA has established a fund to benefit student-athletes who receive PELL Grants and athletic aid recipients with unmet need. The fund is administered through the NEC Office. Qualified student-athletes in all varsity intercollegiate sports at Sacred Heart University may apply by completing an application with the Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance.

Permissible uses for special assistance funds include:


  • Medical expenses (Except those covered by another insurance program, either personal or institutional);
  • Hearing aids; vision therapy (contact lens, eye glasses - if not covered by another insurance program);
  • Off-campus psychological counseling or therapy;
  • Travel expenses for student-athlete or parents related to family emergencies;
  • Purchase of expendable academic course supplies (notebooks, pens, computer paper) and rental of nonexpendable supplies (computer equipment, cameras) that are required of all students in a course; and
  • Articles of clothing and shoes up to $500.
  • Those student-athletes verified as eligible through the Financial Aid Office will be notified that they may qualify for aid through the NCAA Special Assistance Fund. After an application is made with the Assistant AD for Compliance, the application is forwarded to the NEC office. The student-athlete must pick up the check in person at the Compliance Office. Valid receipts must be turned in to account for the amount of the check.


    Domestic/U.S. Student-Athletes

    All domestic student-athletes who receive an athletic grant-in-aid should be aware that certain portions of the grant are considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service. The room and board portions of your athletic grant-in -aid, as well as any cash awards and/or NCAA Special Assistance Fund disbursements that you received must be reported as income when completing your 2006 U.S. tax return.

    Any student-athlete who has received an athletic grant-in-aid for any part of calendar year 2006 should stop by the Financial Aid office in January, 2007, to confirm the amount that should be reported as taxable income. It is important that this information be passed along to your parents or any individual who may be preparing your taxes.

    International Student-Athletes

    International student-athletes who receive an athletic grant-in-aid should be aware that their grant-in0aid may be subject to a 14% U.S. federal tax withholding. The room, board, cash and NCAA Special Assistance Fund amounts are the only portions that may be subject to the 14% withholding. The athletic grant amount received for tuition and books is not subject to this withholding.

    International student-athletes from Austria, Belgium, China, Commonwealth of Independent States, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Iceland, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Luxembourg, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic, Spain, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, and Tunisia are currently protected by income tax treaties which exempt the athletic grant-in-aid from the 14% withholding. Student-athletes from other countries who receive an athletic grant should be aware that the required 14% tax will be withheld from the room, board, and/or cash amount of your scholarship EVERY semester that you receive grant-in-aid, including summer sessions. Please be aware that the status of income tax treaties can change, so please check with the Compliance Office if you have any questions regarding tax withholding.

    All international student-athletes who receive an athletic grant-in-aid for any part of calendar year 2006 will receive IRS form 1042-S that reports the amount of athletic grant-in-aid that was received and the amount of tax withheld. International student-athletes should file a U.S. Nonresident Alien Tax Return - Form 1040NR by the IRS deadline of April 15.

    All international student-athletes should apply for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) from the IRS using form W-7 (available in the Office of International Education). The tax identification number is similar to a U.S. Social Security number, and it should be applied for by all international student-athletes as soon as possible. Once you have received your tax identification number from the IRS, you should provide this number to the Registrar's office and the Athletic Compliance Office.