Gambling and Bribery

The NCAA has established specific guidelines concerning involvement in gambling and bribery at the intercollegiate sports level. In order to educate the student-athlete regarding illegal organized gambling, Sacred Heart University and the Athletic Department have developed and implemented a comprehensive educational program that instructs the student-athlete on the nature and prevalence of intercollegiate gambling and bribery, as well as the risks involved for the individual and for the entire University.

It is impermissible under NCAA rules and illegal for any student-athlete to be involved in any type of gambling activity that involves intercollegiate or professional athletic events. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Providing information to individuals involved in gambling activities concerning intercollegiate athletics (no "inside information").
  • Soliciting a bet on any intercollegiate team.
  • Accepting a bet on any team representing the institution.
  • Participating in any manner of gambling activity that involves intercollegiate athletics or professional athletics, through a bookmaker, an intermediary ("runner"), a parlay card, or any method. This means that it is impermissible to participate in any type of "pool" or bracket that involves intercollegiate or professional teams. In addition, any type of gambling that involves intercollegiate athletics or professional events is impermissible. This includes Internet fantasy football leagues.

    In addition to awareness of the gambling and bribery threat to the integrity of intercollegiate sports, student athletes are responsible for the following:

  • Reporting any offers of gifts, money, or favors received in exchange for supplying team information or for attempting to alter the outcome of any contest.
  • Maintaining a clear understanding of what constitutes gambling and bribery activities and reporting any suspected infractions.
  • Contacting the coach or other departmental personnel when questions concerning appropriate release of team information arise.
  • Realizing that participation in these activities can result in disciplinary actions by the University and the NCAA as well as local, state, and/or federal law enforcement.
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