Sacred Heart University:

The job of the Athletic Trainer will be to collect and review all medical documents from every athlete in the program.  Athletes must pass a physical examination before participating in their first practice and also hand in all of the proper paperwork.  The athletic trainer will be present at games and practices and also hold office hours in both the Club Sports office and the Athletic Training Room.

If athletes need to attend treatment hours please sign up at this link provided: Injury Treatment Sign Up

Stephanie Watson

Club Sports Athletic Trainer

Club Sports Athletic Training Mission Statement:

This mission of the Club sports Athletic Trainer is to minimize risk associated with club sports.  In accordance with the National Atheltic Trainer's Association the athletic trainer is responsible for creating and implementing emergency actions plans, providing injury evaluation, injury management, immediate and emergency core, and rehabilitation of sports injuries.  The athletic trainer remains current in knowledge and skills through annual educational workshops and professional conferences.

Scope of the Program

The Athletic Trainers at Sacred Heart University’s club sports program will provide care to its athletes when they are injured or ill during or as a direct result of participation in an official club sports event.  The athletic trainer will treat in accordance with guidelines set by the NATA, BOC, OSHA, and HIPAA.
The athletic trainer will be available for game/practice based on the greatest need for coverage and potential risk for injury.  Coverage may also be provided by other qualified medical personnel such as EMT’s or other licensed athletic trainers hired by Sacred Heart University to cover club sports events. 

 If an athlete requires rehabilitation for a club sports injury it may be provided by the athletic trainer during treatment hours.  Rehabilitation is limited by the availability of the athletic trainer, the availability of the athletic training room, and the athletic trainer’s scope of practice. If the athletic trainer is unable to perform the rehabilitation program recommended by the head athletic trainer or prescribed by a physician, the athlete will be referred to a physical therapy clinic.

The athletic trainer is not responsible for evaluating or treating injuries sustained by a club sports athlete as a result of intramural athletics, unsanctioned club sports events, or other events occurring on or off campus but will make appropriate referrals

Tentative Spring Hours:

12:00 pm – 3:30 pm                  Office Hours

4:00pm – 6:00 pm                   Practice Coverage

8:00 pm – 10:00 pm                Practice Coverage/ Treatment Hours

Weekends                               Game Coverage

Athletic Training Room Rules & Regulations