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In addition to recent races at Yale, Fordham, Providence and this weekend Boston College, the combined team of SHU Sailors Brian, Jess, David, John, and Stag Sailors (Fairfield University) Eric, Cara  Lindsay  and new sailor from Fairfield, Mike,  had a blast at the Storm Trysail Big Boat Regatta hosted by Larchmont Yacht Club, Larchmont New York, on October 12th and 13th.  SHU Sailing beat two teams on our Tripp 37, BREAKAWAY and were definitely in the race finishing only 5 minutes out of first place in a 50 minute race.  The conditions were tough with 28+ knots winds and 4-6 foot seas.  Solid green water came over the deck many times.  Our sailors and boat did well but other boats had 3 head sails rip apart, 2 rudder failures, a deck winch ripped out and 2 sailors fell over board.  No one was seriously hurt, so we were very lucky. 

This race is the largest intercollegiate race in the world with over 600 college sailors and almost 45 teams competing including 4 from Europe and several from Canada.  We have been invited to a similar big boat race in France next year.


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