Women's Club Lacrosse

Women's Club Lacrosse consists of girls that have competed at all different lacrosse levels including high school, club, and varsity. The team is a member of the Women’s College Lacrosse Association (WCLA) and apart of the New England College Lacrosse League (NEWLL), which consists of 30 teams. The NEWLL is separated into Division 1 and Division 2, Sacred Heart is a Division 2 team that competes in the South Region against CCSU, Fordham, NYU, Stony Brook, Quinnipiac, and Hofstra. 

There are three team captains Senior Ana Carpenter, Junior Kara Doyle and Junior Kelly Romano. The team is ready to have another competitive season and make playoffs. Practices are 2-3 times a week at 10pm beginning in mid February and go until the end of April.


If there are any further questions about Women’s Club Lacrosse and/or interest contact Head Coach, Lauren Johnson johnsonl59@mail.sacredheart.edu