When: April 25th, from 10:30am-4:30pm


April 27th, from 7:30pm-9:30pm

Where: William H. Pitt Center

Further questions please look under our auditions tab or contact Deirdre Hennessey at shudancecoach@yahoo.com

Thank you!!


8th Place Finish in Team Dance & 11th place in Hip-Hop at the Division 1 College Dance Competition.

NDA College Nationals in Daytona Beach, FL



The Sacred Heart University Dance Team is a team that strives for excellence in all we do.  We perform at all home football and men's and women's basketball games as well as compete on the national and local level.  The team, founded in 1994, consists of women with varying backgrounds and trainings from ballet to hip hop, gymnastics to jazz and all others in between.

The SHU Dance Team prides itself on learning from each other and unity among its team members.  Each dancer is an integral part of the team and has the opportunity to showcase their talents through choreography which then may be taught to the team and performed.  A crowd favorite, SHU Dance is often asked to perform at campus events such as open houses, spring weekend and other local or community events.