Audition Information

You may wear dance pants and a tank top or leotard, whatever you are comfortable dancing in and also any type of jazz shoe.

We will begin auditions with a group stretch lead by team captains.  There are two rounds of auditions, the first is a personal routine and the second is a routine and skills taught by the coach and captains.

***You should have a routine prepared that showcases your best style of dance (jazz, lyrical, hip hop etc), it can be one from your studio or high school team and should be one minute in length.*** (unfortuantely, tap and Irish Step are not acceptable) 

Please bring your music on cd or iPod.

All individuals are seated outside of the room and assigned a number to wear and then called in on an individual basis.  Each dancer will perform their personal routine one by one. 

After all routines are performed, a list will be posted inviting dancers to the second round.

If you are invited to the second round of auditions you will be taught a routine which you will perform in small groups, you will also be asked to perform a list of skills. (see below)

There may be callbacks and a list will be posted with the numbers of those who are selected to be a member of the team. You do not have to have your deposit into SHU at the time of audition.



The following is a list of necessary skills for SHU Dance:
  • Double turns (pirouettes), triples preferred
  • Leaps and switch leaps
  • Toe touch
  • Leaps in second
  • Pique and coupe turns
  • Fouette turns
We encourage everyone to audition for the team regardless of your background.
If you have any questions – please contact us.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

If you have questions please email Deirdre Eller Hennessey '97, Head Coach at