Club Bowling

Sacred Heart University offers many academic opportunities for students to pursue their education and become well rounded individuals. The bowling program is an extension of that and helps students become well rounded student athletes, with students coming first. The number one priority of each member of the team is academics. The main focus of the team is to help the student athletes build strong work ethic, teamwork and a desire to learn on and off the lanes. By instilling these concepts not only will each team member be successful on the lanes but in the classroom and in the real world as well. Success is not a part-time job nor is it measured by winning. Success is measured by the amount of work you put in and what you get out of it. Through hard work and dedication, to academics and teamwork our members will gain the maximum amount of success.

            Team members will be expected to attend weekly practices and team meetings throughout the year. There will be on-lane practices that will help each athlete work on their physical game. There will also be off-lane classroom instruction that will help with lane play, bowling balls and the mental game. We will compete in around 20 events throughout the year in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Indianapolis and Las Vegas. Of the 20 events that we compete in, 4 of them will be a part of conference play. Sacred Heart University is a part of the only conference bowling tournament for men in the entire country, the Eastern Intercollegiate Bowling Conference. During conference play we compete against Bryant University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, St. Johns University, Temple University, The College of New Jersey, United States Military Academy and William Patterson University.


Questions? Contact Head Coach George Bakshys