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Women’s Basketball

The Sacred Heart Women’s Club Basketball Team is currently in their third season as an official Club Sport.  The team is comprised of many talent levels ranging in experience from recreational leagues to former high school players to AAU members.  All students are welcome to come out for the team regardless of their experience level.  The team is led by 1st year Head Coach Rob Coloney. Games are played against other club sports teams from various colleges in the area. Within the Club Sports arena competition is very high, and the ladies look to play as many games as possible throughout the season. Practices are typically held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 10 PM-12AM at the Pitt Center.


The Women’s Basketball Team began during the 2009-2010 academic year, and after experiencing some brief growing pains, the team was able to pull together, and play solid basketball.  The turnout for the inaugural season was somewhat low, but the commitment level was high, and the overall success of the program can be attributed to the precedents set by this original team.

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Contact Information

Head Coach:  Rob Coloney - coloneyr@sacredheart.edu

President: Christa Cappelli - cappellic@sacredheart.edu