Sacred Heart University Policy on Hazing

Hazing is against the law in Connecticut!!

University & State Statute

Prohibited by SHU Student Conduct Code

CT General Statute 53-23a Hazing


The Department of Athletics at Sacred Heart University has a "zero tolerance" policy in regard to hazing. As such, the department supports only those activities which are constructive, educational, inspirational, and that contribute to the intellectual and personal development of students. SHU Athletics unequivocally opposes any situation created intentionally to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule. SHU interprets hazing as any act whether physical, mental, emotional, or psychological, which subjects another person, voluntarily or involuntarily, to anything that may abuse, mistreat, degrade, humiliate, harass, or intimidate him/her, or compels another member to participate in any activity which is against university policy or state/federal law.

Violations of this policy include, but are not limited to, departmental or University probation, suspension from the team and/or the University; expulsion from the team and/or University. In addition, the team may be subject to group discipline that can include, but is not limited to, team probation, cancellation of individual contests, and/or cancellation of the entire season.